Tyranny on Review

June 3, 2017

Review on Tyranny

Written by Timothy Snyder, his short book On Tyranny Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century, is a petrifying read.  Mr. Snyder is an historian of great perception.  He has written a short book which clearly defines the steps this country is taking in cutting its own throat.  He plainly states that tyranny cannot occur without the initial consent of the people.  He takes past historical occurrences such as the rise of nazi Germany and communist russia to highlight events that allowed those states to come into being and then he draws parallels to today.

It is those parallels that make this book so chilling.  As I have stated since November, the comparison of hitler’s rise and trump’s are staggering.  Step by step, as if from a computer logarithm trump has followed this blue print carefully and it has worked for him.  He has gained the consent of the people, albeit a minority of the people, but enough to proceed. Having gained that consent, he now commences to the next steps.

In Mr. Snyder’s book, he gives examples of actions taken by previous totalitarian regimes and gives advice as to how to combat those actions.  This book is a clear and unambiguous message.  It is well written and infinitely disturbing. Disturbing because one wonders whether it will reach the very people who are participating in this disaster.

It is clear we are witnessing a slow-moving coup which will result in a totalitarian regime change.  Slow-moving in that the military is not yet shooting dissenters in the streets, although every attempt is used to discredit us.  We are still at the phase in which resistance is not yet futile.  But for how long?

It is imperative that we the people, do not accept this situation as normal.  It is not normal.  We must not allow any steps forward by the monster in chief.  Each and every action must have an equal and opposite reaction.  We must support the free press, oppose his bills and policies, toss out his candidates, resist his language, attempt to educate our fellow citizens, make our opposition known by contacting our representatives, wearing our resistance on our persons, on our cars, on our homes.  By standing up and shouting our defiance, the attempted normalization of this coup cannot proceed.

Few of us can put the big picture together.  The public memory is so short that each action seems isolated and no one is extrapolating the end product.  We, the Cassandras are lonely voices shouting into the vacuum of the wilderness.  But keep shouting.  Someone may hear you.  Twenty thousand people marched in the streets of Sacramento, not once but twice, with smaller protests in between.  We are not alone.  We are still a large majority.  We still have time, we cannot give up, tempting as it is.

The republican collaborators must be removed.  They must be recognized and labelled as such. The trump administration must be removed. The coup must be stopped if we are to have a country left to give our children.  Vote out the republicans and IMPEACH tRUMP NOW!

Finally, thanks to Sam Harris and his podcast for making me aware of this important book.  While I do not agree with all of Dr. Harris’ opinions, his opinions are carefully reasoned and logical in their conclusions.  I recommend Dr. Harris’ podcast to all those who wish to broaden their language of thought.



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