Was There Any Doubt?

June 2, 2017

Like hitler as stated in mein kampf, donald trump told us exactly what his plans were.  Still, the masses filed in lock step behind him, and the basket of deplorables carried his banner.  People who should have known better like Iger and Elon Mosk joined his advisory councils.  Perhaps they were hoping to influence him, temper his erratic ambitions.  Perhaps they thought they could control him.  This maneuver had been tried before on another despot.  In a book written by Ernst Hanfstaengl (early friend and supporter) entitled Hitler, published in 1957, Hanfstaengl delineates how he attempted to temper hitler’s more radical ideas.  He fought a losing battle against the psychotic advisors to whom hitler chose to listen.  In the end, he failed as Iger, Mosk and others have failed.

There is no controlling a monster.  This hate filled beast with his finger on the button, will find the advisors who best match his desires, who will help him accomplish his ultimate goals and move forward into a world one wonders if will last through the next generation.

Climate change is no joke.  No one, not even the con man in chief, can actually deny that it is happening.  Certainly, he can pretend to deny it.  Certainly, he can convince the ignorant savages that support him that it’s not real.  So, what is his actual agenda?  It’s so obvious as to be painful.  He and his rich cronies plan to milk the oil for everything they can to the very last drop.  They will ally with anyone, including or especially the russians to take advantage of the trillions of dollars that still lie in the ground.  The clandestine deal between the russians and exxon oil, brokered by the trump family is a case in point.  trump and tillerman small hands linked merrily skip towards the russians and their oil, hoping no one will notice.  Gutting the EPA, withdrawing from the Paris Accord, defunding science research and alternative power projects all part of the plan to remove the sanctions that will allow exxon to pursue their goal.  The russian involvement in our election and their influence on trump, becomes abundantly clear in light of this deal.

trump is to some extent manageable, obviously.  If he is led in the direction in which he wants to go, the path he takes in that direction can be managed by stroking his narcissistic ego, telling him what yuge hands he has, and using the prospect of untold profit.  This is a man entirely motivated by greed.  He will sell out anyone and any cause to enrich himself.  The facts don’t matter to him and he tells us they don’t matter at all.  That there are alternative facts.  The big lie again.  Down is up, right is left, up is down.  1984 cum 2017.

The facts and statistics regarding climate change are terrifying.  Seas rising and drowning cities and entire small island countries, large areas of land mass uninhabitable related to increased heat.  Mass starvation because food growing capabilities decline exponentially, fresh water diminishing. Why does this not concern trump and the 1 percent?  Because they are gambling that they will not be affected.  They are gambling that their resources will keep them alive and in comfort.  There are too many of us in the world anyway, what does it matter if a few billion of us die off?  These people will use us to amass all the money their greedy heart’s desire and then, so what?  They got theirs.

Does this sound like the ultimate conspiracy theory?  You bet it does.  This is the long con being played on the American people and ultimately the rest of the world.  If we do not act now, (and some scientists think it may be too late), the next generation will have to face this disaster.  They will curse us roundly for not doing what is necessary now to prevent the consequences of our actions.  Because if it is not too late at this moment, it will be soon.  There is a tipping point.  A point at which the oceans can no longer act as a carbon dioxide sink, the phytoplankton can no longer produce oxygen, the currents fail and the oceans become a noxious lake, the rain forests die off, the deserts engulf habitable areas, the crops fail, new diseases arise and people begin to die in their masses.  Lovely picture?  Inevitable.  Just like trump’s actions. Wake up America!  Impeach trump now.  Vote out the republicans at each opportunity.  Save the planet! Save yourself.


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