Public Ignorance


The public ignorance is abysmal.  Recently a stunning example of this fact came to glaring light in a most common place.  At a doctor’s office, the medical assistant, a woman of roughly 50 years old, showed me to the room and as I was reading, asked me what it was I was reading.  It happened to be a most excellent book entitled Enemy at the Gate by William Craig.  It details the Battle for Stalingrad in the fall and winter of 1942-43.  As any student of history knows, this is the battle that stopped hitler from taking Russia and ultimately led to the Allied victory in WWII.  They even made a pretty good movie of one of the story lines.  This woman, a medical assistant, working in a doctor’s office had no idea what Stalingrad was and certainly not what it meant.  I explained briefly and she went on to tell me about a movie she had seen about the holocaust.  Another term she was not familiar with and her interest in the movie was not the genocide of the Jews, but the storyline about how the protagonist wanted to bury a small boy separately from the mass graves.

In many of my articles I have stated the obvious, those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  We, the people, are repeating history in a big, bright, disastrous way daily since the election.  Step by step and piece by piece, like the proverbially frog in hot water, we are losing our own battle.

A lot of effort has gone into explaining this issue.  A lot of compassion has been extended to those who voted for trump.  They have been given dispensation.  They are angry, they are frightened, they are afraid for the loss of their “culture”, way of life, jobs, etc.  Here’s the truth, these are extensively ignorant, easily manipulated sheep who bought the patter of an evil con man intent, with his cronies, on the destruction of our democratic republic for the ageless reason of greed.

trump’s budget is the biggest give away to the 1 percent in history.  It shifts unfathomable amounts of money away from programs that help the average citizen and puts it directly into their pockets through massive tax cuts for these people.  The so-called healthcare bill does the same thing.  This is a class war waged against the ignorant, unsuspecting trump voters they do not begin to understand, because as trump said during the campaign, he could shoot someone in Time’s Square and they would still support him.  AND I DON’T CARE WHY!  The time for making excuses for these people is over.  Now is the time to figure out how to educate them, wake them up, get it through their thick skulls that they have been duped.  They are not evil, just stupid.

But trump is evil, he is stupid, he is treasonous, greedy, narcissistic and he in turn is being manipulated by that same 1 percent, by the russians, by exxon oil, by the white supremacists such as steve bannon and breitbart, anyone with an agenda who will stoke his tiny hands and huge ego.  He in turn, along with those people are controlling the republican party.  Using whatever means to get them to rubber stamp his heartless agenda.

Perhaps some of those republicans are honest people.  I used to believe that.  We simply looked at issues differently, but it was an honest difference coming from the common cause of loving this country and our democracy.  No longer do I believe this.  These republicans are out for one thing.  They are only interested in feeding at the public trough, lining their pockets.  They must go.  We have no system of checks and balances now and this must be restored.  Only by putting progressive, democrats into congressional seats do we hope to save our country.  Seat by seat, election by election, we must get the republicans out and democrats in.  Then we can have an honest budget, a chance at an actual investigation of trump’s treason, a restoration of health care, education, climate protection and all the other policies imperative to the safety of this nation and the world.  We only have now.  The gutting of this country is proceeding at a prodigious rate.  There will be no planet left, no democracy left to our children.  We must act now to remove the republican party and IMPEACH TRUMP!


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