Burn out


Burn out

I find myself getting so burned out to this endless cycle of disaster.  Day after day, calls to my computer to fight this, donate to that, call so and so about whatever.  March for women, taxes, science, climate change, etc.

From the moment this egregious, loathsome slime was elected the writing was on the wall.  Just like hitler wrote in mein kampf, there were no secrets regarding his agenda.  On the day after the election, I wrote a petition to Moveon.org and to Change.org calling for impeachment.  It got no interest.

I wrote my congress people, newspapers, etc. calling for impeachment.  No interest.  My message was clear then, stop him before the disasters proceeded.  Stop him before we lose our republic.  No interest.

Now, like a drum beat, the ground swell for investigation and impeachment is growing, thank God.  But what damage has been done in the meantime?  The Supreme Court has gained an idiot who doesn’t know the law, the cabinet is filled with offal, slime ball has unapologetically fired people who are actively attempting to investigate his treasonous behavior, healthcare is on its way out, he has gutted the EPA, attempted to silence the science community and the press, it goes on and on and none of it is a surprise.  All expected, all foreseeable.

There is only one answer here.  There is only one agenda we should pursue and that is impeachment and the consequent removal of the republicans in congress who have chosen to line their pockets instead of protect the country.

We need to focus down on that issue.  We need to help in any way possible to provide information to aid in the investigation and subsequent removal of this administration.  There should be no other issues.  All the other things are just by products.  Like the multi headed hydra, we can keep chopping the heads of the evil that arises, but until the main body is destroyed, the heads will keep growing.

trump is an unprecedented evil.  I long for the days of Watergate, when a little burglary and some spying on a political opponent was all that was happening.  Now we face a totalitarian government currently in the process of taking the steps one by one to shut our democracy down.

They say that people who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  Well, take a look at how the Republic of Rome fell.  Read Cicero, look at Julius Ceasar.  It was the money in Roman politics, the manipulation of the uneducated population, and the ambition of one man willing to do or say whatever it took to gain and keep power.  The Roman Republic existed for centuries before Ceasar.  We have only been here for a little over two centuries.  We think our democracy is immune from disaster.   We have “checks and balances” to protect us.  But wake up!  Those checks and balances have been abrogated.  The republicans hold each of the branches, all eager to rubber stamp trump in whatever he chooses to do.  The republicans would rather live on their knees than stand up and risk their cushy, pocket lining positions.  Where are the profiles in courage?  They must be out there somewhere.  Find your bloody balls, they are there somewhere and for God’s sake, save this country!  Impeach trump.



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