Step by Step

Step by step

In firing Comey, trump seeks to slow or stop the investigation into his treasonous collusion with the russians.

There is no point in reiterating that trump is the most dishonest bastard to ever occupy the white house.  He makes Richard Nixon look like a saint.  What’s a little watergate break in compared to collusion with the russians, allowing a foreign power who has been our stated enemy for generations to manipulate our election and take over the white house in a bloodless coup?

In case no one is looking, the tea for trump and this tillerman is the unused oil under the russian soil.  The collusion between the administration, exxon oil and the russians will generate billions, perhaps trillions of dollars.  It’s no wonder that they want to deny climate change, gut the EPA, and eliminate green energy production.  All they want is the money, honey.

They don’t care that the seas will rise and vast areas of the planet will become uninhabitable.  The rich will be just fine.  It’s the rest of us that might have a hard time finding a place to live, food to eat and clean water to drink.  The worst of it is, the very people who will suffer the most are giving these guys the free pass to accomplish their ends.  What’s wrong with these people?

Every one of us should be marching in the streets, every one of us should be demanding an investigation into the corruption enveloping this country.

We are losing our Republic for the same reason that Rome was lost:  big money buying votes.  Greedy people with so much more wanting that much more.

Whereas I have always had a political disagreement with the republican party, I felt that they were patriotic Americans who simply looked at things differently than I did.  No longer.  The republicans are actively undermining our democracy.  They are sucking up the dollars that are being thrown their way and condoning the fall of this country.  They have actively blocked every attempt to investigate trump and his cronies.  Why?  If trump has done nothing wrong, then why not let the investigation go to its conclusion and prove it?  But, as we all know, trump is a treasonous con man who should be impeached and jailed, then why would the republicans shield him?  Could it be because they stand to make a lot of money too?  Or are they afraid of him.  Does he have something on them they don’t want publicized?  Believe me, whatever it is, the courage to stand up to him more than balances out whatever sins they want to remain hidden.

We have to stop this process before it goes any further.  Please listen!  An investigation into trump must go forward.  We must see his taxes, we must investigate not only him, but his family as well.  He must be impeached before it’s too late.  We are losing our country.


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