Profiles in Courage

May 13, 2017


Since the day after the election, I have been calling for impeachment.  It was obvious from the start what trump and his handlers had in mind.  So very obvious.  From the russians to the koch brothers, trump is being manipulated by agendas not even subtle.  To say that he does not have our best interests at heart is an understatement.  Never, in the short history of our country, have we been so close to the total collapse of our constitution.

The checks and balances that were built in by the Founding Fathers are abrogated by the perfect storm of republicans in all three branches.  And the people have done this to themselves.  But really, if you look at the long game that has been utilized here, it is understandable.  From the dumbing down of America by the degradation of our school systems, to the vicious partisan politics and most of all, by citizens united- a cynical policy which allows our elections to be bought and paid for, the collapse of the housing market, the shipment of jobs overseas with no penalties to the companies taking those jobs, the constant instillation of fear hammered by the media, the divisive nature of racial politics, the militarization of the police force, the policy of “hate crimes” creating special classes of people, the list goes on and on.  Each issue a stepping stone to the mess we are in right now.

The American people have been force fed anger.  The powers that be know that an uneducated, angry, fearful population is an easily led population and they have accomplished that in spades.  We stand at the brink of a fascist takeover.  The attempt to silence the media, the undermining of scientific inquiry, the denial of facts, the promulgation of “alternative facts”, the big lie told repeatedly, the firing of investigators, the russian interference, the republican party too willing to rubber stamp the monstrous policies of the fascist in chief.

Where are the profiles in courage?  Where are the people with guts who are willing to stop this spiral?  What is the motivation behind their silence?  Are they simply bought and paid for or are they too afraid to stand up and say no?

We are the people.  We are writing letters, making phone calls, marching in the streets.  We are not “paid” agitators.  There are thousands and thousands of us.  We are the majority who voted against trump.  We will throw the republican party out of office in 2018.  The question is, can we wait that long?  If you look at the disasters wrought in the first 100 plus days, can we wait another year or more?  No, we can’t.  The stakes are too high.  The stake is the country itself.  Our freedom itself.  We must begin with impeachment now.  Start the impeachment proceedings now, the facts will emerge if the spotlight is lit because they will have no where to hide.  trump’s treason is not in doubt.  The republican party’s collusion with that treason is not in doubt, they have obstructed every effort to investigate including allowing the firing of the person doing the investigation.  But Comey was only the head and he was not acting alone.  Will trump fire the entire FBI?  He might try, but somewhere, someone with courage will stand up and say no.  That person is out there.  We are out here.  IMPEACH TRUMP NOW!


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