Madman Runs Country- news at 11

April 7, 2017

The trump attack on Syria is entirely reminiscent of the bush policies, which trump roundly condemned, citing Clinton’s support for bush intervention as a condemnation of her “judgment”.  But, here we go again.  Has there been any thought as to who and why this chemical attack was committed?

Apparently, the chemical attack killed 70 people, including women and children.  An horrific act certainly.  A war crime certainly.  Evil incarnate, also certainly.  But, what did it really accomplish?  Did it change the Syrian rebellion?  Did it act to encourage the rebels to surrender, give up, and lay down their arms?  No, in the long run, all it did was ensure sympathy for the rebels.  But, what else did it accomplish?  Well, it made the madman in the White House launch an airstrike.  It brought the US into the situation in a big way.  A completely predictable response given the idiot in chief.

And, who wanted that response?  Certainly not the Syrians, nor the Russians, nor iran.  But isis did.  Their stated goal is to bring on the final conflict, the apocalypse.  Closer now than ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Trump acted without the benefit of congress, or even any rational advice, proving exactly how unfit he is to have his finger on the trigger.  We are all in danger.

It is completely mystifying.  After sucking up to putin and suffering the country wide heat, trump has risked putting us in direct conflict with them.  What is the end game here?  Of course, trump does not have any long term goals.  He lives entirely in the minute, satisfying his immediate urges without consideration of the consequences.  He has never had to actually suffer any consequences, but those around him have.  If the citizens of this country are in physical peril, he will not be.  He can take his gold digging wife and his immoral, narcissistic children and hide in the strongest man made bunker available.  He can take his cronies, his billionaire friends and wait it out. BUT WE CAN’T and he doesn’t give a damn.

Perhaps he is hoping that the short term memory of the American people will be distracted by his penis waving.  It worked for bush.  Perhaps he is hoping that we will forget about his budget, his tax returns, his appointments, steve bannon and brietbart, and all his treasonous activities.  Perhaps he hopes we won’t notice as he chips away at the Constitution and our civil rights by giving the people a nice, bright, shiny war to keep us occupied.    Well, undoubtedly, there will be many people distracted.  Those who voted for him in the first place, those who bought into his incessant lies will drink the koolade and continue to march like lemmings over the cliff.  But the rest of us are watching.

The Senate and House must do something here.  Republicans must stop following the party lines and start to act like Americans, thoughtfully and independently before it is too late. It is time they considered the consequences of their actions and represent the interests of the people and not their rich buddies.  There are not enough rich people to keep you in office and eventually the people will come to realize that you do not actually represent them and vote you out of office.  I can only dream.


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