Boycott Disney

Corporate collaborators must realize the consequences of their actions.  Disney CEO, Bob Iger has demonstrated his true colours by supporting the trump administration at its racist, fascist policies.  We call for a boycott.

I have started a petition on to that effect.  Please follow this link and sign this petition:

Disney has had racist, homophobic overtones for generations and have largely been ignored, because, well- they’re Disney.  They are into everything, theme parks, clothing, movies, toys, etc.  Kids love them, little girls want to be the princess, but as adults, we must recognize their dark side.

It is time to stand up to corporate America.  We can do this and we must.  So, skip the next movie, spend your money going to the Grand Canyon or Yellowstone, give it to a progressive political candidate, buy an American car.  But, whatever you choose to do, don’t give it to Disney.

It is only through their pockets that we can influence their decisions.  So, keep the money in yours.

Impeach trump and pence!


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