So, Its happening

Now what?  As this particular Cassandra has warned, the republican congress continues to rubber stamp everything that trump wants to do.

Allow me to recap my warnings:  our system of checks and balances has been abrogated.  We now have a fascist in the White House, a republican congress ready to suck his tiny hands, a Democratic Party in disarray, and an anti women’s rights nominee for the Supreme Court.  Given that congress is indeed rubber stamping trump’s egregious activities, we will soon have a Supreme Court also capitulating to trump.

People, we are losing our republic.  His latest nominee, jeff sessions, has now been confirmed.  Can anyone question whether this man is a racist?  How about the Supreme Court nominee, can anyone question whether he’s against women’s rights?  Women’s rights are civil rights. The moment we curtail any group’s rights, all rights are in danger.    The theocrats, alt right and oligarchs attempting a coup in this country have convinced the uneducated, the evangelicals, the disaffiliated that somehow this billionaire and his cronies will make their lives better. The best we can say about them is that they have been misled.  But oddly enough, these people are the least obnoxious of trump’s basket of deplorables.

What can be said about the worst? The jeff sessions type?  These are the racists, bigots, anti civil rights, fascist alt right crowd.  These people show the world the worst that this country has to offer.  These people have a very dark agenda and are rapidly putting the mechanisms in place to take this country.

How? By silencing the opposition, silencing the press, silencing the scientists, silencing the Elizabeth Warrens.   Their propaganda arm, fox news and sean spicer continue to spew forth the alternative facts.  Alternative facts aka the big lie told often enough.  Who coined that phrase?  hitler, and he made very good use of the concept.  Guess who else is making very good use of the concept? his idea was that the big lie told often enough and people would start to believe it, and some are; at lease the one’s who voted for him.  Will they wake up?  Will they eventually join the resistance?  Or will it be too late….

We’ve got to get rid of this tiny handed SOB before we lose this country.  Anyone who reads this will notice an increase in off colour language.  It’s frustration.  Yes, the resistance is growing, yes, the congressional opposition is stiffening their collective spine, yes the free press is still trying to get out the information, brave scientists are finding ways to “shine their light”, but, the race is on.  This is one race we cannot afford to lose.



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