Silencing Elizabeth Warren

Using some “obscure” legal mechanism, senate republicans stopped Elizabeth Warren mid-speech as she read words written by Coretta Scott King opposing jeff sessions.  Do they really think that by shutting her up, the movement will go away?  This is not the first time that this administration has attempted to shut down the truth.  A few weeks ago, bannon tried to stop Jake Tapper, telling him to be quiet.  Tapper said “no”.  One word, no.  Well done, Jake!

So, here’s my one word, “nuts”.  Students of history, and the remaining few still living will recognize this response.  During WWII, the town of Bastogne was surrounded by German troops and artillery.  Our troops were outnumbered, freezing in their embankments, starving, cut off.  The Nazi commanders demanded our surrender.  General Anthony McAuliffe had a one word response, “nuts”.  The Battle of the Bulge was won by those embattled troops.  Americans refuse to give up.  Nor will we give up now.

But we are facing a much more insidious battle  this time.  trump has placed his troops carefully.  He has an unparalled surveillance system in place to spy on American citizens. (created by another unelected president)  He is using every asset he can bring to bear to shut down the free press, prevent information, shut down science.  He is an immoral, unprincipled narcissist.  In fact, his narcissism reaches pathological proportions.  But, he is just the front-man for the alt-right which has designs on our republic. He is a puppet whose strings can be pulled by anyone who strokes his yuge ego and undoubtedly, his tiny hands.

This country has not faced this kind of danger since the Civil War.  In attempting to shut down Elizabeth Warren and the free press, trump is creating a backlash of citizens who will march in the streets, sit in congressional offices, write blogs and contact their congress people.

There are three very large marches planned for April.  April 15 is a “tax” march, with the goal of demanding trump release his tax information, April 22 is the March for Science, April 29 is a march for proactive measure against climate change.  These marches must be every bit as large as the Women’s March, in fact, should be larger because every American, regardless of their religious ideology should be heavily invested in these issues, particularly the marches on science and climate change.

In addition, local organizations, such as Indivisible plan local activities such as engaging local congressional representatives by demanding answers and action against the trump administration. and Moveon.Org host petitions as well as plan national events.  You can access these petitions by going onto and and search petitions on Impeachment.

While I have never been thrilled to have a republican in the White House, I have never been afraid the republic would not survive.  I am very afraid now.  Never has the freedom of this country and our freedom of speech been under such strident attack.  Never has the general civil liberties of this country been threatened as is happening now.  The alt-right is attempting a coup right in front of our eyes and they are using that idiot trump to do it.

People, Wake UP!  Impeach trump.


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