It’s Beginning!

The Senate Democrats are finally getting the picture.  After being completely disgusted with Dianne Feinstein, especially her voting record on trump’s nominees, she finally stood up to Jeff Sessions in a blistering statement that should have pinned his ears back.  Unfortunately, republican legislators are so morally bankrupt that they didn’t notice and passed him along anyway.

The Democrats have introduced a bill requiring trump and pence to “fully divest personal financial conflicts of interest”.  In addition, they have reiterated their call for trump to comply with the Constitution’s emoluments clause.

The protests in the streets and Senate offices, phone calls, emails, blogs and constant drumbeat of satire from Maher, Colbert, SNL, Stewart, etc are actually having an effect.  Senate backbones are stiffening.  We, the resistance, are providing the bone structure necessary to accomplish this.

At some point, even Congressional republicans will begin to get the message. Recently, in a small town nearby, republican tom mcclintock hosted a town hall meeting wherein he was blasted by protest and questions he can’t answer.  The policy of “alternative facts” will not protect these politicians because the people are watching.

Major national protests are planned in April for tax day, science and climate change.  On a more local level, weekly protests are planned in legislative offices.  The questions will be, can we keep this up?  The answer here, is we must.  And, we must grow.  The Millenials who are still sulking because Bernie was cheated out of the nomination, must get out from behind their computers or off the couch, and add their voices..  These Millenials are the future, we are protesting so that they will have a future.

Let us hope that this bill sponsored by Senator Warren and a huge host of Democrats, is a prelude to the investigations needed to finally bring justice to this country through impeachment.

Impeach trump!

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