What WOULD Jesus Do?

This is a very different blog today, addressed to “evangelicals”, should you not want to go there, skip to bottom.  I have been requested to supply some information about petitions for trump impeachment.

Hey there evangelicals, are you happy with what trump is doing?  Let’s talk about Jesus and living one’s faith.  I do not profess to be a Christian scholar.  Really, unless you can read ancient Greek and Aramaic, you are not a Christian scholar either.  The words you read, and profess to believe are rewritten for you by someone else. In fact, they have been rewritten many, many times.  The first Gospels were written close to a century after Jesus actually lived, and the rest straggled along over the next century or two.  Even Saul/Paul, never actually knew Jesus, he met an apparition on the road and certainly didn’t seem to have a long conversation with the Lord.  Yet, here we are. What can we learn about what Jesus might have done or wanted.

I first read the King James Bible cover to cover when I was roughly 9 years old.  Subsequently, I have read it again many times, picking out verses which seemed to speak to me during whatever crisis was going on in my life.  It was truly awe-inspiring how I would open to a page that seemed to be just the right page to address the issue at hand.  Bottom line?  I am a believer.  Operative word there is believer.  Belief implies faith in something that cannot be inherently proven scientifically.

As an aside, climate change is not a matter of belief, it is a matter of fact.  Proven, observable, measurable, repeatable.  The scientific method leaving no doubt.  More on that later.

Back to what Jesus would do.  Along the way, I tried a few different religious venues.  Lutheranism, Catholicism, Baptist, trying hard to fit into some narrow doctrine didn’t work for me.  Each one of these systems added to the Word as if they had some special conduit to God’s mind. None of them captured the true spirit of Christ.  The Christ I felt in my soul and found by reading His words.  Words like love, compassion, mercy, generosity, a non-judgmental system that allowed the sinners to come to Him regardless of where they were on their life’s journey.  Christ denied no one.  He forgave everyone. He urged us to treat one another as we would treat ourselves. He saw us as one family.  His family.  The only people who really pissed him off were the hypocrites.  Those people, who prayed on the street corners for all to see so that they would be considered special.  Those people who used the temple to make money. Those people who used His words to manipulate others, deliberately leading others astray.  Yeah, those people truly pissed Him off.

Do you really think Jesus wants a wall?  Do you really think He wants to separate families through deportation?  Do you really think He wants to single out specific groups of people for discrimination? Do you really think He wants you to dictate to others how they should live?  Didn’t He say to clean up the mote in your own eye before you took on the speck in someone else’s? Yeah, He did.

So listen evangelicals, you are not living your faith.  You don’t even understand it.  Stop listening to some narrow-minded idiot who is leading you astray, using the name of Jesus to inspire hatred instead of love, to judgment instead of compassion, to hypocrisy instead of being the genuine, forgiving person He asks of us.

Now back to fact versus belief.  Merriam’s Dictionary defines belief as a feeling of being sure that something or someone exists or that something is true.  A feeling.  Whereas a fact is something that truly exists or happens, a true piece of information. Therefore, a fact is provable.  Climate change is a provable fact.  As previously stated, it is observable, measurable, repeatable.  It is happening right now.

There are some many reasons to impeach trump.  The most damaging one of all, the one with the longest lasting,  most pervasive repercussions is climate change. Four years is a long time for good or ill.

As promised:  Change.org has a really good petition for impeaching trump.  They are at roughly 120,000 signatures heading for 150,000 which will then be delivered to congress.  If you don’t like the wording on this petition, there are others if you search Impeach trump.  However the URL for this petition is:  https://www.change.org/p/the-people-impeach-donald-j-trump.  Please go there and sign either this petition or another one you might prefer.  Hell, if none of the existing ones have the wording you want, start a petition of your own.  But, having signed or started one, make sure to forward to your friends and family, that is how they grow.

Impeach trump!





















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