Silencing Scientists? Nice Try

He begins with silencing the free press, blacklisting reporters and agencies.  his new policy is “alternative facts”.  Again, the big lie, told often enough.

Now he moves on to instructing governmental agencies to stop releasing information to the public.   He wants to keep the people from knowing the truth. It is under the cover of darkness that he and his handlers can complete his actual goal, the formation of a fascist state.

But, the resistance is powerful.  We are everywhere, too  many to contain, too many to count.  The information is being leaked, first from one “park” agency twitter, then another.  We live in the information age.  There is no way to stop it.  There are people of courage who will stand up, who will keep fighting.  Beware trump and your allies, your puppet masters, the resistance is coming, hell, it is here!

Impeach trump!


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