Game of … Blackmail

It is a given that each one of us has a skeleton in the closet. Some indiscretion committed in one’s youth, some peccadillo we would rather not have known.  Given that, one wonders what kind of pressure the trump administration is trying to bear on reporters, scientists, congress people, etc.  Anyone who might be in a position to discredit him.  To disclose inconvenient truths.  (not alternative facts).

So that leads us to a question.  What is the public willing to forgive in order to stay informed.  Adultery? Cheating on a test? The blue dress?  Let me be plain, I could forgive anything short of child abuse.  I don’t really care who you slept with, I don’t really care if you cheated on your fourth grade P E test.  Believe me, it doesn’t matter.

What matters to me is that the public continues to be informed.  That we know the glaciers are melting and what causes it, that we know whose civil rights have been abrogated, that we continue to strive for Mars, that our republic continues to function as it was intended; by the constitution.

So, listen, don’t let “them” shut you up.  Keep us informed, keep trying to get the information out.  Find new and effective ways to shine your light.  We promise you that whatever you’ve done, whatever blackmail issue they may try, WE DON”T CARE!

Impeach trump!




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