The Big Lie

In a very interesting commentary on NPR, written by David Folkenflik (, he comes to some very astute conclusions on the relationship between trump’s administration and the press.  Anyone following the trump campaign knows what his plans are for the press.

Freedom of the press, freedom of speech is the underpinning of our constitution.   It has a responsibility to keep us informed about the facts that matter to us as citizens of the republic. Facts concerning what is happening in our government, the country and the world.  It is our responsibility as citizens to stay informed, listen to many sources to get a balanced view of what is happening around us.  Yes, the press has bias, they are human and want to make their opinions appear to be the most rational.  However, given that you get a slant from both sides of an argument, the truth is somewhere in between and the listener should consider the “facts” and draw their own conclusion.

What are facts?  Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that  a fact is “a piece of information presented as having objective reality”.  In light of  this definition, facts are not disputable.  There is an objective reality, what actually occurs or is said.  And what is said can be spun.  That is what sean spizer is trying to do.  Take the actual facts of trump’s behavior and statements and make them seem rational, and  because there is no way to really do that, the next thing is to attempt to deny the press.  Criticizing them, denying them access, attempt to blacken them somehow to quiet them.  What does this sound like, people?

How close to the fascist state are we coming? Like with Hitler,  the hand writing was on the wall.  trump was very vocal about his plans, strident even.  He said he would build a wall, would befriend the russians, eliminate the regulations that protect clean water and climate change, enact a Muslim registry, antagonize our allies and engage isis.  (Which by the way is exactly what they want).  Hitler wrote a book.

trump uses his words to enrage, divide, confuse and lie.  He lies 53 percent of the time. He tells the big lie over and over again and people believe him. hitler did the same.

Trump has identified his enemies: the free press, muslims, immigrants. Hitler had the Jews.

trump used the uneducated, racist, disgruntled, but his ulterior motive was power.  Hitler did the same.

trump rode into power on a wave of anger by people who felt left out and economically deprived who blame someone else for their trouble.  Hitler did the same.

trump is targeting the press, attempting to feed them a line of propaganda, getting angry when they don’t buy it, and lashing out.  Hitler had them shot.

trumps friends, such as newt gingrich, want to re-enact McCarthy like inquiries into the behavior and statements of free people.  Hitler had secret trials too.

trump saw no problem with internment camps.  We know what hitler did.

See any parallels?  I do and it makes me afraid.  We should all be afraid.  We cannot just give in, we have to fight, to resist.  We need to support our free press, need to contact our legislators, write letters, demonstrate in the streets, resist.

But most of all, we need to impeach trump.


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