Trump’s American Caliphate

(written before the inauguration)

With the inauguration looming like the sword of Damocles, the future continues to look bleaker than ever.  Each pick of his cabinet deepens the hole into which we are descending.  Jeff Sessions for attorney general? How odd, a racist choosing another racist for the top legal office in the country.  What does that say?  He continues to reward his friends, placing them in high profile positions to which they are as unsuited as trump is for the presidency.

However, his picks serve as indications as how he will conduct the presidency.  He ran on racist statements, collecting southern votes like falling magnolia blossoms while the “Obama Coalition” stayed home and let it happen.  Well, unfortunately, that same coalition may pay the biggest price for their decision to stay home.

The entire presidential race was a clarion call to while supremacists, misogynists and generally speaking, the “basket of deplorables”.  How much the russian hack and comey’s untimely release of misinformation changed the course of history will never really be known.

So, how is trump’s presidency like the isis caliphate?  Let’s start with identification of the “other”.  In this case-Muslims and illegal immigrants; his plans include a registry of Muslims, deportation of illegals, and he finds no problem with internment camps.  So very similar to isis identification of Jews, Shiites, Christians, etc.  Trump has no problem with torture, I wonder how far that will go.

Next in line, censorship.  Trump carefully singles out reporters and entire news outlets that disagree with him or expose him in some way, denying them access, throwing them out of press conferences, using everything he can bring to bear to prevent the free press from reporting his actual words and transgressions.  What’s next, book burning?  Maybe, maybe not, but his friend newt gingrich has advocated a resumption of the House Un-American Activities committee which went so well under Joseph McCarthy.

Here’s another one, trump’s treatment of women.  It is well known how the caliphate treat’s women; covering them head to toe in black cloth, treating them like objects to be bought and sold.  So, how does trump treat women?  Take the case of the beauty pageant he owned.  He felt free to walk in on them naked, because why?  He owned them; kissing and fondling women because he can, and if they object, he shuts them down with threats of lawsuits.

Let’s do one more- the false use of religion to ignite the fanatics to support him.  The isis leadership are not truly religious, not really fanatics, but they use religion to inflame the less educated, the angry, the disaffiliated to support them, to do essentially anything they are asked to do in the name of God.  Look what trump did.  He used by-words like “pro-life” to engage evangelists to support him, throwing around Christianity like a banner around which to rally.  Does he seem like a religious person?  Has he acted like a good Christian?  What would Jesus do?  What would Jesus think?

Here’s what I think, like the press before us, no one is truly taking this situation seriously.  The press treated trump like a serious candidate on the one hand, providing extensive free coverage, but on the other hand, they failed to take him seriously.  They gave him a pass on his words and policy proposals.  They tried to reinterpret what he said, stating that he couldn’t really mean what he was saying, reinterpreting his actions as well.  Well people, wake up!  He meant exactly what he said.  It’s obvious by what he is doing now.  We need to treat him seriously because, guess what?  He is the president.  The basket of deplorables who are celebrating in American streets and around the world in places like russia and yes, the isis caliphate have it right.  They are taking him seriously.  And so should we.  Impeachment is the only answer.  Go to and search “impeachment” to find a petition and SIGN IT!


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