Loosing the Republic

Ah Rome, the Vatican, the fountains, the ancient building, the coliseum.  The coliseum, built by Rome’s dictators to appease and distract the people.  The ancient concept of “bread and circuses”.  About 2000 years old that, and still valid today.  They say that people who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.  For 700 years, Rome had a republic.  They were a mighty power.  The people voted in elections, chose their local leaders and had freedom of speech. But, after 700 years, it took one man, under the “right” circumstances to bring it down.  Ceasar.  He used his resources to buy an election, coerce officials to bend to his will, manipulate the people.  He promised reformations to make Rome great again.  Hmmm, sound familiar?

We are standing at our own crossroad.  Perhaps and overused turn of phrase, but, what else would you call it?  it is up to us, the people, while we still have the power, to do what we can to preserve our republic..  The will of the people must be honored.  Trump lost by over 2 million votes.  In the so-called electoral states, the vote difference was only 100,000 votes, well within the margin of error in the count.  Those votes should have been recounted.   We must eliminate the electoral college, it has again, defeated the will of the people.

Twice now in very recent memory, candidates have won the popular vote and lost the electoral vote.  This has led to catastrophic consequences.  The bush presidency oversaw the disintegration of stability in the Middle East and a collapse of global markets.  His intelligence services failed to prevent 9/11.  We all watched on the television while he sat amid school children with a blank expression on his face, fiddling while Rome burned.  His administration then used this tragedy to enact the most sweeping curtailment of American freedoms in our history, the patriot act.  How convenient for them…

Our republic is only 240 years old.  A baby compared to Rome.  We have a (rudimentary) educated public, unparalleled access to information and real leaders to help us, but we have to act now.  We must be the resistance, the factor that holds our republic together.

Trump has stated that we wants a better relationship with Russia.  Will this be at the expense of our NATO allies?  He states that he wants to restructure our trade deals.  Will this be at the expense of a trade war with China?  He castigated Clinton’s so-called “pay for play”, but wasn’t that ivanka, his new business manager, sitting in on a meeting with Japan?  He says he wants to be the president of all the people, but isn’t that steve bannon, the stated spokesman for the alt-right, sitting in an office down the hall from the his office?  There are pages and pages of “he-then” statements. None of them good.

This is the most corrupt, malevolent individual ever elected in our history.  His agenda is terrifyingly dangerous to our republic.  He is a meglomaniac who will use every tool available to him to destroy this country.  Yes, it can happen here.


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