Finally, some good news!

Step by step the resistance is growing as people  wake up and realize the full scope of the disaster that has befallen the United States.  Buzzfeed reports that a lawsuit has been filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington alleging conflicts of interest between trump’s holding office and his business dealings.

Such a conflict was evident from the start.  It was known that he had business dealings in several foreign countries, but as he failed to disclose his tax returns, it is not known to the full extent.  We need an Edward Snowden in the IRS to have the courage to leak those returns in full.

trump has nominated scott pruitt to head the EPA.  Pruitt is a known climate change denier.  This nomination mirrors trump’s first act to “eliminate harmful and unnecessary policies” by which he meant the clean water regulations and climate protection such as carbon reduction. has posted a petition to fight the nomination of pruitt to the EPA post.  Please go to or follow this link:

While it is important to address each issue as it arises, the most important action we can take is to promote the Impeachment of trump.  While we appreciate the watchful eye of our activist friends catching each egregious act, it is far more important to remove the originator from office along with his alt-right buddies.

The alt-right has an agenda that is treasonous to the United States.  It is working to undermine the principles upon which this country was founded.  This fascist organization has its hooks deep in the con man that currently occupies the oval office.  They are manipulating him like a puppet.  Steve bannon and putin make strange bedfellows, and one must wonder what their long-term goal might be.  Whatever their goal, it can’t be good for the people of the United States.

At this writing, the most damaging long-term issue is that of Climate Change.  Had the Electoral College and the bush family not stolen the election from Al Gore, we would be years ahead in mitigating that damage.  As we all know, that election was handed to bush, and the consequences were incalcuable. In the eight years he had the presidency, he destabilized the middle east, wrecked the economy, enriched his oil and banking buddies, and did nothing to help the environment.  So, even though it is a given that trump will never be re elected, and might even be in office for less than one term if impeachment works as it should, the damage undoubtedly be greater because he has absolutely not a clue how to run a government and cannot even run a continually functioning honest business.  He will be depending on the insiders he loudly deplored to keep the governmental lights on.

So, bottom line?  We need to impeach this imposter in chief.  He needs to go.  Not that pence is any better, but at least there may be a republic left if he were president.  Not really sure there will be one if trump is left in place.

Impeach trump- go to to sign the petition!



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