Cassandra’s New Day

Inauguration day- is this the new day that will live in infamy?

Cassandra was an interesting figure in myth or history.  During the siege of Troy by the Greeks, a woman was cursed by the god Apollo.  She was given the gift of prophecy.  She saw clearly the fall of Troy, Troy in flames, death and destruction everywhere.  The curse? No one believed her.  After all, Troy’s walls were thick and tall.  The Greeks had tried for 10 years to get inside.  They had thrown its greatest soldier at its walls, Achilles. Threatened it with its most powerful weapons.  All to no avail.  But what did it take to get inside?  A trickster, a con man, an adulterer, a wealthy man with his own kingdom who now wanted some else’s.  Cassandra saw all this, but people ignored her, told her she was over reacting.  In the end, the  con man made a gift to Troy.  A wooden horse stuffed with all the right men to bring Troy down.  The people themselves opened the gates and let the wooden horse inside.  Then the trickster waited for the people of Troy to fall asleep and Troy did go down in flames, its culture wiped from history by the con man and his well-placed men.

Today, there are many Cassandras and just like the historical Cassandra, we are ignoring them.  Our walls are thick, we have weapons to protect ourselves, no one can take us by force. But, like the gift from the Greeks, we have opened those walls and let the con man in.  This con man built his horse and stuffed it with the well placed men in the public eye.  In a way, he was his own Cassandra.  He told people what he would do.  He told people that he would make friends with our greatest enemies.  He told people he would rip up the most important wall we have, our constitution.  Dismantling it brick by brick, freedom by freedom until it is so full of holes that it will no longer stand.  But, the people didn’t believe him, because they are already asleep.  We are so complacent, but what if the con man and his men are already inside?

This time, let’s listen to Cassandra.  Impeach Trump- search for impeachment petitions, write and call your legislators, we are the resistance and we must act together.


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