By his Appointments Shall you Know h

We are watching with despair the appointees to various offices that trump has made: guiliani, bannon, priebus, etc.  trump ran on the “outsider” label and promptly appointed lobbyists, insiders, alt-right leaders.  By these appointments, this man has roundly demonstrated exactly what kind of president he will be and what kind of man he is.

Unfortunately, ‘minority’ groups have a right to fear him.  An article in the Washington Post states that he plans to deport millions of people.  How will he decide which people to deport?  What kind of invasive investigations, what surveillance of citizens will take place to determine which people will be deported?

The disastrous consequences of this election will unfold piece by piece.  It is quite possible that what we see in the open is just the tip of the iceberg.  What will be done in secret to obviate our rights, accomplished before we even know it is happening?

This man will have an enemies list, probably already has one.  Who is on it?  The journalists that opposed him or tried to hold him to his words?  The candidates or even republican members who failed to support him, recognized him for what he is?  Perhaps, ordinary citizens who protest in the streets or in writing letters to the editors and their representatives.

How long will it take him to start to enact his monstrous foreign policy which includes torture and murder of families?  How long will it take for him to completely alienate our allies and invite the russians to tea?

Who will hold him accountable for the things he said, the things he did including the trump university fiasco, failure to pay his bills, fraud and failure to pay taxes?  If anyone tries to hold him accountable, undoubtedly their names will be added to that enemies list.  Will they be tried in gingrich’s new House Un-American witch hunts or will they simply disappear such as his friend putin would do.

Our nation, the majority of people who voted against him must be vigilant.  We must act as a whole and unite together to protect our country.  We must pursue peaceful means to obstruct his activities.  We must write our legislators, protest peacefully in the street, unite to together to elect a democratic house and senate to maintain checks and balances to stop his actions.  Wake up people, there are no checks and balances now.

By electing a republican house and senate, we have provided trump with a blank check.  He has a Supreme Court justice to nominate.  If we can just hold out, block all his bills and nominations, if we can unite people of good will who remember what our constitution says, the principles upon which this country was founded, democrats and republicans alike, we can at least contain him.  Containment may be our only option.  Impeach trump.


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